Vibrator feeder


Vibrator feeder




Use and Characteristic
◎This series of vibration feeder is a new type of fully sealed feeding equipment.The electric vibration exciter is used as the direct driving source, the structure is simple and compact, the volume is small, the weight is light, and the operation is reliable.The bulk, granular and powdered materials can be uniformly, quantitatively and continu-ously distributed from the silo to the receiving device in the scale assembly line.Can adjust the size of the exciting force to change the volume of the conveyer, flow stability,low noise, low power consumption, no impact phe-nomenon, suitable for automatic ingredients, quantitative packaging and vivid control.
◎This series of motor vibration feeders are used in mining, metallurgy, coal, building materials, light indus-try, chemical industry, electric power, machinery, grain and other industries.

Product overview
◎GZD series motor vibration feeder is a new type of feed-ing equipment developed by engineers and technicians of our company. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, build-ing materials, chemical industry, electric power, grain and other industries. It is used for feeding bulk, granular and powdery materials evenly, continuously or quantitatively from storage bin or other storage equipment to receiving equipment. It is suitable for automatic proportioning and quantification. Packaging and automatic control.

Structural Performance Characteristic
◎The product has the advantages of small volume, low noise, light weight, less power consumption and convenient in-stallation and maintenance.
◎The vibrating feeder can adjust the exeiting force to change and control the flow in the process of using, so it is easy to adjust, stable flow, low noise, low power consumption, no im-pulse phenomenon. At the same time, the machine has the char-acteristics of light weight, small volume and convenient mainte-nance. For example, the closed structure can prevent dust spillover and environmental pollution.


Use and characteristics
◎ZG series electromagnetic vibration coal machine is the main equipment of pulverizing system in thermal power plant. The utility model has the advantages of light weight, no rotating parts, simple structure, convenient maintenance, safety, relia-bility and continuous and uniform feeding. Conveying materials with particle size less than 350 mm and powder materials. Used in building materials, chemical industry, grain, coal mine and
other systems, easy to achieve remote control.
◎Electromagnetic vibration coal feeder works in low critical near resonance state. Therefore, the required relative amplitude can be achieved with a
small exciting force in the work. Make small movement consumption is very small.

Scope of application
◎ZG series electromagnetic Vibration Coal Conveyor is Coal feeding equipment commonly used in coal conveying and pulverizing systems of thermal power plants,Continuous conveying of large granu-lar bulk materials. It can be used for automatic adjustment, long dis-tance transportation or directional batching. It can also be used for transportation systems of building materials, chemical industry, metal-
lurgy, mining, grain depot and other departments.
Structural Performance Characteristics
◎The product has two types of structure: closed and open . It has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, no transmission parts, no lubrication, convenient maintenance, etc.The electromagnetic vi-bration coal conveyer works in the low critical near resonance state and the material leaps forward in the feed tank without sliding so the wear of the feed slot is small. Remote automatic control can be real-ized by DK controller.

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