Tooth roller crusher


Tooth roller crusher



Structural characteristics
◎energy fficient. No requirementfor moisture content of crushed materials,and it's notsticky or blocked,low powdering rate,granularity assurance,Hydraulic automatie surrender device, Low noise, Small vibration.

operational principle
◎The broken material falls between the two rollers through the feed opening and is brought between the rollers on the basis of friction force. Extrusion crushing,the finished material falls from the bottom. In case of hard or unbreakable objects, The rollers can automatically yield by the action of hydraulic cylinders or springs.Increase the clearance of the roller,Hard or unbreakable falling,to protect the machine from damage.There is a certain gap between two rollers rotating in opposite direction. Changing the clearance can control the maximum discharging size of the prod-
uct.The twin-roll crusher uscs a pair of rotating rolls to crush. .

General description
◎Roller crusher according to the number of rolls can be divided into single oll,double rl,multiple roll several types,according to the shape of the
roll surface is divided into smooth roll,gear roller smooth roll mainly applicable to medium and Fine Crushing of Medium Hardness Ores the gear
roll is suitable for coarse, medium and broken ores of brittle and soft materials.
Structural Performance Characteristics
◎Roller crusher Simple structure, reliable work,low cost,t has the advantages of adjustable discharge strength and size, etc. This machine can be widely used Industrial sectors such as electricity, cement, building materials, metallurgy, ete.. Crushing all kinds of materials with medium
hardness, such a8 coal block, slag, coke, limestone, coal gangue, etc.

T echnical characteristics of Tooth Roller Crusher
◎High fficiency, safety, energy saving and environmental protection, and large crushing ratio;
◎No requirement for moisture content of crushed materials , not sticky, not plugged.
◎Unique design of uniform distibution device and fine sereen Powder device,Completely eliminated the phenomenon of over-fragmentation.
◎Close combination of coarse crushing and fine crushing design eliminates the need to install a vacum cleaner at the entrance.
◎Less noise, less vibration, less dust and low power consumption;
◎Discharge granularity adjustable
◎Small area,Simple maintenance
◎Use of hydraulic automatic withdrawal devices and debris removal devices,it can efectively prevent the damage of non -ferromagnetic alloy
hlock and hard stone block to the tooth roll and the harm of wood block and flexible object to the nomal work of the tooth rll.
4PGS Performance advantage of gear roller crusher
◎According to the problems existing in the operation of imported and domestic fine crushens in our company , Improvement and Improvement of
structural design ,the existing problems in fine crushing of raw coal and other materials have been thoroughly solved.f you can avoid the phenomenon of excessive destruction,It can break the inferior coal and gangue effectively without damaging the equipment.In particular, the use of hydraulie automatie withdrawal devices and debris removal devices,It can effectively prevent the damage of non ferromagnetic allay blocks, hard stones to the gear roll and the damage of wood blocks and flexible objects to the normal operation of the gear roll.

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