Roller sieve coal screen


Roller sieve coal screen



Product characteristics
◎DZS series the main structure of throwing self-cleaning drum screen is screening drum,the whole and the ground plane are in-clined,the exterior is sealed by a sealed isolation cover,to prevent pollution of the environment.To rotate the sieve drum at a certain speed by means of a deceleration system,coal buming is separated from top to bottom by sieving, fine material discharged from the lower part of the front end of the sieve drum,coarse material from the lower end of the sieve drum tail,The drum screen is equipped with a comb-type cleaning mechanism.In the coal sieving process,Relative Motion of comb screen cleaning Mechanism and sieve cylinder, Effect of continuous cleaning of screen body , the
sieve drum always keeps clean, non-stick and non -blocking during the whole working process, which affects the screening eficiency.

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