Belt conveyor


Belt conveyor




Scope of application
◎DTII fixed belt conveyor can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, port, power station, building
materials, chemical industry, light industry, petroleum and other industries. The ma-terial can be transported by single or multi-unit combined trans-portation systemn, and various bulk materials and parts with loose density of 500- -2500kg/m3 can be transported. The working en-
vironment temperature of this conveyor is generally -25 ~40 ~C. If conveying heat -resistant, cold -resistant, waterproof, anti-cor-rosion, explosion-proof, flame-retardant and other conditions can also take appropriate measures to transport. The product can meet the requirements of horizontal and inclined conveying. It can also be conveyed by combination of convex arc, concave arc and straight line.

◎The main features of DDJ series high inclination belt conveyor are large inclination conveyor, compact structure, less floor area, difficult to scatter materials in the conveying process, which greatly improves the conveying efficiency. It is the most ideal conveying equipment in the fields of metallurgy,
construction, coal, chemical industry, port, boiler coal and soon. The mechanism is a "T" shaped and "C" shapedrubber di-aphragm with certain strength and elasticity, which is fixed in the middle of the belt body by adding flexible and flexible rub-ber waveform vertical "skirt edge" with different heights on
both sides of the parallel rubber belt. The belt is separated into box -shaped areas, which makes it easy to change direction in the process of rubber conveying and conveying. It also has the characteristics that scraper conveyor and bucket elevator are not easy to distribute materials and can convey materials in a larger inclined angle range.Thus, the conveying angle of the conveyor with large inclination can reach up to 90 degrees.

◎TD75 belt conveyor is a general purpose belt conveyor with large conveying capacity. It is characterized by simple structure, convenient maintenance, low cost, low noise and strong versatility. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials,coal, chemical industry,hydropower, grain depot and other departments. Mainly used conveying bulk and gran-ular materials with a specific gravity of 0.5-2.5 t/m3 can also be used. It is used for conveying articles.

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