Chain bucket conveyor


Chain bucket conveyor



◎BFLD series chain hopper conveyor is a kind of equip-ment which conveys materials horizontally or obliquely by hop-pers running on turbulent track. It is widely used to convey various loose materials in power plants, mines, coal and other industries, such as boiler ash, cement clinker, slag, coke, grav-
el, etc. Especially some materials with high temperature, large fragmentation, sharp angle and strong grinding, at the same time, because of chain hopper type. Conveyor has flexibility, large conveying capacity and long service life.
Traction chain uses professional chain manufacturer's high-strength heavy plate chain, stable and reliable operation, long service life;

The spring helical tensioning device is used in the tail ofthe machine, which can make the tension adjustment of the traction chain especially suitable for long - distance and heavy load conveyors.

Flexible process layout, can be erected, ground or low pit layout, can be installed horizontally or obliquely, can also be installed horizontally plus obliquely.

The backpack driving mechanism has compact structure and . convenient installation.

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