Metering coal feeder


Metering coal feeder



Scope of application
◎Pressure -resistant metering feeder is a kind of advanced electronic weighing and feeding equipment. Pulverizing system for Boiler in Thermal Power Plant. Realize continuous uniformity automatic adjustment, accurate weighing and quantitative coal feeding. It can also be used for the distribution and quantitative feeding of bulk materials in metallurgical, mining and chemical industries.
Structural performance characteristics
◎Using high precision weighing device and computer control system,it is convenient to repair and replace parts , coal breakage and coalblockage are alarmed accurately by high sensitivity logistics monitor , and the shell is safe in operation under pressure.

Scope of application
◎Metrological rubber belt coal feeder is an advanced coal feeding equipment used for coal pulverizing system of boiler and coal mill in thermal power plant. It can feed coal continuously and evenly. W eigh-ing dynamic coal in operation,It can also be used for the distribution and quantitative feeding of bulk materials in mining, metallurgy,chemical industry, building materials and other industries.

Structural Performance Characteristics
◎The machine is equipped with high precision electronic weighing device and microcomputer control system , Accurate weighing of mate-
rial ,The weighing device and the material conveying system are a combination, Easy to pull out from the housing, easy to repair and maintenance, replace tape, adopt a fully closed structure, conducive to environmental protection. The product has compact structure and small floor area. It is suitable for small and medium power plants and techni-cal renovation of old power plants.

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