Tilt fine roller coal screen


Tilt fine roller coal screen



Scope of application
◎Suitable for screening coal, coke, ore, limestone, etc. It is widely used in the transportation system of thermal power plant and in metallurgical, chemi-eal, building materials and coal systems.
operating principle
◎The screen surface of cross sieve consists of several groups of rotating shafts in the same direction.A number of equidistant sieve plates are installed on each sieve shaft.The sieves on the adjacent sieve axes are arranged cross each other to form dynamic sieve holesThe material is stratified continwously during the rlling process of the screen surface ,Smull particdles moving down and large particles roll forward, Small particles contact sieve hole for long time, Through the "hand rubbing" action of adjacent sieve to complete the forced screening,Continwous impact, dispersion and agglomeration of large particles in rlling, And automtically clean up the fine particles adhered to the screen.There is no
scraper under the sieve shaft, and the residual sticky particles are cleaned up. The sieving process always keeps the sieve hole permeable and completes the sieving operation of non-blocking, non- -ticking and non-tuffing.
Structural Performance Characteristics
◎Screening material uniformity, equal thickness and high screening effi-ciency.
◎Uniasle drive, strong power, uniaxle maintenance without afecting oper-ation.
◎Every screen shaft is equipped with cleaning device, which is not easy to block the screen.
◎PLC program control, sieve shaft can be started sequentially with load.
◎Can achieve centralized control, but also can be operated on the spot.

Scope of application
◎This product is one of the important equipments of coal conveying system in thermal power plant. It can also be widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry,mine, building materials and coal system.
Structural Performance Characteristics
◎GS series roller screen can screen the granule materials of all kinds of speei-ficeations which have not been screened, and get the required granule size, so as tomeet the requirements of power station.CS series roller screen is to rotate the ma-terial forward along the screen surface using multiaxial coaxial and isokinetic ro-tation.A mechanical device for screening and screening at the same time.It hashigh screening ffciency, large production capacity, good sealing performance,low noise, small vibration, convenient installation and maintenance, suafe and reli-able use, overload protection device installed on the screen shaft, GS series e-quipped with electric bafle and bypase system, Automatic control can be realized.

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