Slag bin


Slag bin




◎ZC-n series Steel slag warehouse (ash warehouse) is usu-ally used as ash transfer or buffer warehouse (ash warehouse), The effective volume of the slag removal system should not be less than 8-9 hours of slag removal.To facilitate transport,If the system arrangement allows,It is better to satisfy the 24 -36 hours slag discharge capacity of the storage slag removal sys-tem. According to user's requirement,Equipped with top hoist-
ing, bag dust collctor, level gauge, silo wall vibrator, electric heating device, etc.Steel slag warehouse (ash warehouse) is . widely used because of its small occupation, convenient layout, short construction period, low cost and many other advantages. Matching unloading equipment at the btom of slag bin (ash depot) such as automobile bulk loader, double- -axle mixer, etc. Please refer to the special product introduction.


Main technical parameters
ZC-n type steel slag bin (ash storehouse)


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