Drum slag cooler


Drum slag cooler




operating principle
◎BFLC series the drum slag cooler is improved on the basis of the original BFTL series drum slag cooler,t is designed and developed to
meet the requirements of the development of circulating fluidized bed boilers in the direction of large capacity.It consists of a louver heat transfer drum, a slag inlet device, a slag outlet device, a rotating structure, a series of cooling water and an electric control device.Used for fluidized bed and fluidized bed boiler hot slag cooling.
Structural Performance Characteristic
High heat transfer efficiency and wide range of slag discharge tem-perature( 400-200)

The cooling water return pipe is outside the drum, and the drum is safe, reliable and easy to maintain.
The slag feeding pipe is large and not clogged, the slag feeding seal is perfect and the wear parts are easy to replace.
Frequency conversion speed adjustment to realize the output au-tomatically tracking boiler slag quantity. There is a cooling water Super temperature alarm, water off parking (and alarm), overpressure discharge and other safety protection。

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