Pick crkscrew spin car unloader


Pick crkscrew spin car unloader



Working principle
The traveling mechanism of the cart is composed of eight groups of wheels, four active wheels and four slave wheels, which are used to bear heavy self- _loading and run reliably.
The spiral body is upgraded by vertical lifting, series connected variable resistance of hoisting motor rotor windings, and con-trolled by cam controller to realize steady start and uniform speed regulation, and to ensure the safety and reliability of the e-quipment operation.
The supporting structure of spiral body adopts box girder structure. The spiral body is driven by the middle part. The middle part of the spiral body is equipped with a pick plate, and the blade is equipped with a pick head, which is used to break the frozen coal.
The movable beam can move left and right on the fixed beam to alleviate the adverse effect of the huge force on the equip-ment when breaking the frozen coal and make the equipment work normally.
The control room is made of modern decorative materials, which are sealed, well insulated, beautiful and comfortable. The op-erator's sight is wide to ensure the safety of unloading operation.
The picking helix adopts conical helix, and the picking mecha-nism of mining coal is installed on the helical blade to complete its special function. The helical lifting mechanism adopts vertical feeding mode to realize its work.The cemented carbide cutter head on the milling disc of mining machinery with equal distance is installed on the helical blade, and the vertical feed motion and the rotating motion of the helical body are utilized to meet the re-quirement of crushing frozen coal.

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